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our story

It's a good one.

who we are

Petey’s Pies is the brainchild of co-owners and zestful couple Peter Pei and Victoria Pearson. From the their first days together, Peter shared his lifetime love of cooking as a love language Victoria readily accepted.

our beginnings

In March 2021, Victoria fell sick. Suddenly, she lost her appetite for nearly everything, and it seemed their favorite shared activity had been put on hold. However, there was one thing Peter knew she would never turn down- dessert.


One day, Victoria, with her relentless taste for sweets, asked Peter to make her a Key Lime Pie. One that proved to be the best she had ever had. From that day on, her pie requests kept coming. 

For the next several months, Peter went from making pie every week to making it every day. And when she recovered in August of 2021, Victoria had a proposition: that they start a pie company. The rest is history.

Petey's Pies Owners
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